The general description of the computers used are as follows.  I have a very powerful PC with a video card that has a lot of memory to drive the visuals.  I use a Matrox Triple Head 2 Go to split the image into three channels and then send the image to the projectors.

Matrox Triple Head 2 Go
Early Testing
Early Testing

The main PC runs P3D and all scenery software.  I also run my Sim-Avionics Server program on this machine.

I have an Instructor station that runs administrative software for flight planning.  I’m waiting on FDS to get back to me so I can actually run an Instructor version of Sim-avionics here as well.  I run one sound module off of this machine for flight deck callouts.

I have four other PC’s that run independent software to each section of the flightdeck.

PC 1 – CPT PFD/ND, CPT Clock, IRS LCD in AFT Overhead & EICAS Display


PC3 -FO PFD/ND, FO Clock & MFD


Of course I have a couple iPads that run Foreflight, Sim-Avionics and Navigraph software.

Flightdeck Computers

Networked computers allow everything to communicate correctly.  I have two 24 ports switches for the house but a lot of the ports are used by the flightdeck.