Throttle Quadrant

Throttle Quadrant

My throttle quadrant is also from Flightdeck Solutions.  It’s a great throttle quadrant for the money.  It has all of the functions that are needed.  It is not backlit and not motorized so neither trim wheel rotates.  Eventually I will upgrade but for now this works great.  It connects too my USB hub and has a separate connection to the Tiller.

It covers the following functions:

  • Engine 1 & 2 throttle
  • Engine 1 & 2 reverser
  • Flaps
  • Speedbrakes
  • Autothrottle Disconnect (2)
  • TOGA Switch (2)
  • Fuel Cutoff Engine 1 & 2
  • Parking Brake

The two Stab Trim toggles are non functional.

With the throttle quadrant I opted to purchase the base as well.  It correctly sets the height of the throttle quadrant.  I would recommend it.

Front View
Rear View
Top View
Top View
Placard Details
Fuel Cutoff Details