I chose to use Flight Illusion gauges.  They are expensive and I’ve honestly had issues with them.  They can be difficult to set up.  Without making the situation out to be too bad, I’ve also struggled getting customer service from them.  They do not respond at times.

The gauges work great when all is working the way they should.  They are not backlit but have a very bright LED at the 12 o’clock position.  It is possible to dim them in the software.  Again, this works sometime and not at other times.

Another slight complaint is that although I was told these would bolt right up to my FDS hardware considerable modification had to be done to get them to mount correctly.  They look great after, just be prepared to do some work to get them to look right.

The gauges are daisy changed together and uses an interface card.  The interface card connects to one of my USB hubs.

Original Brake Pressure Location
Corrected Brake Pressure Location
Interface Card